Alumni Forum 2017 took place at conference hall Citadele and featured internationally-acknowledged speakers who discussed The Future of Labor and Innovative Environment Company.

About the event

SSE Riga Alumni Forum is organized by the Alumni Association of Stockholm School of Economics in Riga (SSE Riga), who is the leading business school in the Nordic/Baltic region. Its more than 2000 alumni are the prime executives, CEOs, entrepreneurs and finance and economics specialists in the region, many of whom have later on obtained their master’s or doctor’s degree in some of the most prestigious schools in the world, such as Harvard Business School and London Business School.

This particular forum is unique as its main aim is - fundraising for SSE Riga student scholarships as well as, gathering and educating the strongest individuals in the region, who truly care about the welfare, growth, and development of their home countries and who foster its economic growth on a daily basis.

The Alumni Association of SSE Riga was established in 1996 not only to facilitate further communication between the graduates, but also to support SSE Riga's increasing influence in the Baltics, improve student life, enhance the quality of education, and promote recruitment and career opportunities for young generations.


Teemu Arina

Teemu Arina has a professional career of over 15 years as a technology entrepreneur, author and speaker. He is one of the forefront thinkers on the intersection of the man and the machine covering topics such as quantified self, biohacking, internet of things, cloud services, wearable computing, online learning, and digital health. Recently he received the Leonardo Award (under the patronage of European Parliament and UNESCO) for "Humanity in Digitization". Mr. Arina has held key advisory positions in national, international and EU development projects on topics related to online collaboration, e-learning, professional development, mobile learning and startup companies.

Pekka Parnanen

The CEO & Founder of Silicon Valley based boutique business development company MAD-Partners with 30 years experience in International business. Previously Head of Finpro Silicon Valley and cofounder of FinNode (Finnish Innovation Center in Silicon Valley) and Nordic Innovation House. Prior to that Pekka was Director for Global Business Development for Solid Information Technology (sold to IBM), VP Global Marketing and Sales for Cybelius Software, and President for T.V.I – TEMET Vision Industry.

In his presentation with 20+ years in Silicon Valley, Pekka will bring practical insights on innovation management and corporate innovation, whilst touching upon the cooperation opportunities between startups and corporations.

Andrius Biceika

Andrius is a FinTech expert and currently Country Manager for the Baltics at Revolut - one of the fastest growing FinTechs in the world. His colourful professional profile consists partly of a highly successful corporate world at Euromonitor International in Vilnius and London as well as his experience at various technical start-ups. After almost a year as Head of Business Development at Revolut HQ in London, Andrius has now been settled in Vilnius with an ambitious goal to make the Baltics Revoluts largest market in terms of users (at least for a year or perhaps two). After growing from 0 to 1 million customers in only two years and acquiring nearly $90 million of investments, Revolut has major plans on how financial technology can help overcome the challenges that individuals and businesses will be facing in the future – and Andrius is one of a few people who are turning these plans into reality.

Siiri Sutt

Siiri Sutt is a Talent Management and Global Mobility professional and Intercultural Consultant and Trainer currently working at Deloitte Estonia. She has over 15 years of international experience as talent management consultant, expat support professional, cross-cultural trainer and executive search consultant.

In her presentation Siiri discusses the results of the Deloitte Global Human Capital Trend Survey 2017 which engages more than 10 400 executives and HR managers from 140 countries all over the world. She will outline the main areas in which companies need to adjust to the rapidly changing global labour market.

Leonardas Gujis

Leonardas Gujis is Baltic Google Strategist covering Google Premier Partner Media planning agencies and responsible for overall Digital market development within Baltic region. His previous experience includes working with Governmental and Non-governmental organisations such as Rockefeller Foundation & Danish Foreign Ministry fund (DANIDA) supporting employment initiatives whilst on full-time placements in developing regions in Kenya & Bangladesh. For the last 2 years he has been also involved within Digital Space facilitating freelancing trainings in India and more recently joining Google to accelerate Baltic Digital transformation.

Mikko Eerola

Mikko Eerola is a growth and innovation leader with 15+ years of professional experience from startups and corporations in Europe, the US and Asia. As a speaker he specializes in the disruptive opportunities that data, digitalization and emerging technologies present to companies and industries. In his presentation Mr. Eerola will share insights on utilizing data, artificial intelligence, and emerging technologies in driving innovation in corporations.

Event Agenda

Registration and morning coffee
SESSION - The Future of Labor
The Global Perspectives of the Future of Labour: The Results of Deloitte Global Human Capital Trend Survey 2017

Siiri Sutt


*15 years of international experience as expat support professional
*Has trained US diplomats in Washington DC and advised IMF and World Bank employees’ families on settling-in to American life
*lived in Estonia, USA and Luxembourg
*currently Talent Management and Global Mobility professional at Deloitte Estonia


Presentation includes:

-The results of Deloitte Global Human Capital Trend Survey 2017
-Discussion of 10 trends in HR, including, the changing organization of the future, new insight in career and learning, and digitalization of HR.
-Comparison of old and new rules in terms of learning and talent acquisition.
-The discussion of the importance of employer brand for modern companies

Platform Economy in an Algorithmic Society as a Driver for Future Labour

Teemu Arinas


*Recently received Leonardo Award for "Humanity in Digitalization"
*Covering a wide range of topics including biohacking, internet of things, cloud services, wearable computing, online learning and digital health
*Has held keynote speeches in countries such as USA, UK, Japan, Russia, the Netherlands, and Germany.


Presentation includes:

-The discussion of whether in an algorithmic society bots, robots, artificial intelligence and machine learning will off-load human work
- The speakers view on how human work is going to evolve
- The discussion of how sharing economy can optimize the utilization of human work
- The view on value creation through network effects and demand-side economies of scale
- The comparison of the traditional asset-heavy business models and asset-light digital platforms

Changing Shape of Labor: Google Platforms & Case of Digital Jobs in the Emerging World

Leonardas Gujis


* Previously worked on supporting employment initiatives whilst on full-time placements in developing regions in Kenya & Bangladesh

* Involved within Digital Space facilitating freelancing training in India

* Works as a Baltic Google Strategist and is responsible for overall Digital market development within Baltic region


Presentation includes:


- The discussion of the case of Alpha Go (Google Deep-Mind) - where Machine learning is advancing and what are the implications

- Thoughts on how jobs in Analytics will transit from analyzing available data and summarizing it into jobs where main goal will be to identify the "unknown unknowns"

- A brief overview on how Google invests into training and bridging the gap for the future

Coffee break
SESSION - The Innovative Environment Company
Corporate and Startup Synergies

Pekka Parnanen


*30 years experience in International business

*previously Head of Finpro Silicon Valley and cofounder of FinNode (Finnish Innovation Center in Silicon Valley) and Nordic Innovation House.

*previously Director for Global Business Development for Solid Information Technology (sold to IBM), VP Global Marketing and Sales for Cybelius Software, and President for T.V.I – TEMET Vision Industry.
* currently CEO & Founder of Silicon Valley based boutique business development company MAD-Partners


Presentation includes:


-Insights on how innovation works in Silicon Valley

-What Europe can learn from the US

-How cooperation between startups, big companies, universities, and investors can work

-The role of public sector for innovation amidst the multiple  stakeholders

Big Data

Mikko Eerola


*digitally native growth leader with experience from working in Europe, the US, Latin America, and China

*perviously chief sales and marketing officer at Idea, managing director at Affecto

*currently head of strategy and growth, Benelux in Nordkapp


Presentation includes:


-How big data can be used as the driving source of any innovative environment company.

-Emerging technologies  and disruptive innovation

-How learning from big data adds value to the company

-Insights on utilizing artificial intelligence

Future of Banking

Andrius Biceika


*co-founder of, previously head of business development for Revolut, UK, CEO of Citybee Solutions

*currently the Baltic Country Manager for Revolut, the fastest growing FinTech in the world


Presentation includes:

-What is the current problem with banks?

-How the newcomers in the traditional field of finance can reshape the whole industry using community power, network effects and automatization of labour?

-Tricks behind Revoluts multi-million success story

-Deep dive in the innovation in finance and banking

Gala Dinner

For years all class presidents have been gathering for a formal Homecoming dinner. Last year Alumni Association started a new tradition inviting all Alumni to President's’ Dinner. First dinner was such a success,that we intend to continue and keep expanding this new tradition.

This year we have the honor to welcome a very special keynote speaker – President, Dr. Vaira Vīķe-Freiberga, the President of the Club de Madrid and former President of Latvia (1999-2007). The three course dinner will be served by the best Latvian chef Mārtiņš Rītiņš and the event will take place in the newly opened hotel - Grand Hotel Kempinski Riga.

Dr. Vaira Vīķe
Chef Mārtiņš
Grand Hotel
Kempinski Riga

Grand Hotel Kempinski Riga

Originally built in the 19th century, Grand Hotel Kempinski Riga is situated in the heart of the Latvian capital. Just opposite the National Opera House and by the entrance to the town’s historic centre, the main tourist attractions are within walking distance. Discover the finest collection of 141 luxury rooms and suites along with an all-day-dining and a rooftop restaurant, a bar and a cigar lounge. Organise your event at our ballroom with natural daylight or arrange your business meeting in one of the five meeting rooms. Indulge in Kempinski The Spa, featuring six treatment rooms, a swimming pool and a health club with fitness centre.


Baltic states are members of one single EU market with its costs and advantages. We have to be active in order to exploit the benefits of it and strengthen our competitive advantages.  Lack of strategic vision about our positioning in the global economy threatens our long term chances for sustainable economic growth.
Māris Simanovičš
Alumni Association
Labour shortages will lead to bottlenecks in some labour markets, pushing up wages, which will have a negative impact on economic growth. It may make Baltics a more obvious destination for automation technology ie labour saving technologies.
Morten Hansen
Head of Economics Department
Stockholm School of Economics
in Riga
Now and in the future, Estonian Tax and Customs Board’s work should be measured by how well we can support businesses. Our aim is not just to be a service agency, but proactively interact with companies on how could we support their activities and development. Rethinking the work of the organisation shall have a positive impact on each of the taxpayers.
Marek Helm
Previous Board Director
Estonian Tax & Customs


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Event Venue

Conference Center Citadele
Republikas laukums 2A, Riga


Natālija Kuļčicka
iDEA HOUSE events
Event Manager
Zane Šmite
Alumni Association
Project Manager
Stockholm School of
Economics in Riga

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